Generations 5 thru 8

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The Family of Elisha  and Jerusha (Kimball) Logee

Generation 5

 Generation 6


Elisha Logee    
  Alvina Logee w/o Henry Chilson

See chart below

  Aaron Logee Died as infant
  Susan Logee w/o Seril Daggett

See chart below

  James Kimball Logee

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  Fenner Logee

Left no issue

Lorenzo Logee 1 child died young
  Ruth Logee w/o Sullivan Daggett

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Descendants of Alvina (Logee) Chilson

Generation 7 Generation 8 Generation 9
Elizabeth M. Chilson    
Harriet Chilson w/o David S. Thomas    
Helen Chilson w/o Caleb Legg    
Mary A. Chilson w/o Chandler Titus    
  Charles E. Titus  
  Herbert Titus  
  Clarence Titus  
  Lewis/Louis Titus  
  Arthur Titus  
  Miron E. Titus  

Descendants of Susan (Logee) Daggett

Generation 7 Generation 8 Generation 9
Rebecca Daggett    
Elisha Daggett    
  Charles E. Daggett  
  Eliza M. Daggett  
  Cizzie N. Daggett  
Marietta Daggett    
Thomas Dorr Daggett    

Descendants of James Kimball Logee

Generation 7 Generation 8 Generation 9
James Edward Logee    
  Arthur Wheaton Logee  
  Addie Logee  
William Kimball Logee    
  William D. Logee  
  Jeannette Maude Logee w/o  
Henry Field Logee    
  Edward K. Logee  
  Bertha May Logee w/o  
    Dorothy Jackson
  Dora Logee  
  Henry Field Logee  

Descendants of Ruth (Logee) Daggett

Generation 7 Generation 8 Generation 9
Albert S. Daggett    
Ellen Daggett    
Elizabeth Daggett w/o Frank Oatley    
  Ida  A. Oatley  
  Walter F. Oatley  
  William F. Oatley  
  Fanny E. Oatley  
  Lorenzo Dow Oatley  
Lillis Oatley