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18. Elisha Logee5 (Aaron4, Philip3, Abraham2, Philip1)
Born: between 1780 - 1783 prob. Glocester, Providence Co., Rhode Island1
Died: Apr 1838 or Apr 1839, Burrillville, Providence Co., Rhode Island
Married: Jerusha Kimball abt. 1810 prob. Glocester or Burrillville, Providence Co., Rhode Island
She Born: 5 Nov 1787 prob. Glocester, Providence Co., Rhode Island
She Died: 9 Feb 1873 North Providence, Providence Co., Rhode Island

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  1. i. Alvina Logee b. 8 Apr 1811 Burrillville, R.I.; m. Henry Chilson; d. 17 Feb 1844 Uxbridge, Massachusetts
    ii. Aaron Logee b. 20 Jan 1813 Burrillville, R.I.; d. 18 Jan 1814 Burrillville, R.I.

  2. iii. Susan Logee b. 4 Dec 1814 Burrillville, R.I.; m. Seril W. Daggett 2 Oct 1831 Glocester, Providence County, Rhode Island; d. 22 Apr 1896 Glocester, Providence County, Rhode Island

  3. iv. James Kimball Logee b. abt 1817 R.I.; m. 1st Julia Sparks 13 Oct 1844 Thompson, Ct; m. 2nd Hannah M. Bruce 2 Dec 1858 Putnam, Ct.; m. 3rd Mary A. Chadwick abt. 1881; d. 30 Mar 1892 Danielson, Ct. 

    v. Fenner Logee  d. abt 1841 possibly at sea  (Death date/location from records of Rhode Island Hospital Trust Co., circa 1960; original source not listed). However, in the settlement of his father's estate on 1 Apr 1844, Clark Walling as guardian of Fenner accepted Lot 1 in the property settlement (Burrillville Land Evidences, Vol 1838-1847, pgs 617/618). Probate records listing expenses for Clark Walling as guardian of Fenner Logee estate were filed in July 1845 (Burrillville Probate records pg 145). Disputes over payment of expenses continued through 1850 when the case was referred to the Rhode Island Court of Appeals (Sep 1850). The probate was closed on 25 Dec 1852, when Clark Walling was paid $22.50. None of the records listed a date or circumstance of Fenner Logee's death.

  4. vi. Lorenzo Logee b. 3 Jan 1819 Burrillville, R.I.; m. Naoma Chase 6 Feb 1853 Killingly, Ct.; d. 3 Dec 1879 Glocester, R.I.

  5. vii. Ruth Logee b.1824 Rhode Island; m. Sullivan Daggett 29 May 1842 Thompson, Windham County, Connecticut; d. 4 Jun 1899 Glocester, Providence County, Rhode Island

Personal Information:

Elisha Logee was born between 1780 and 1783, the son of Aaron and Susanna (Herendeen) Logee. No records were found for Elisha as a child  His name first appeared in the 1807 Burrillville tax roll2. The 1810 federal census listed his household with one female age 16-26. It is probable the female in that census record was Jerusha (Kimball) Logee his wife3. Jerusha was born 5 Nov 1787, probably in Glocester, Rhode Island4. She was the daughter of Amherst and Jerusha (Hoyt) Kimball. Her parents lived in Glocester and her father was a leader in that community.

On 14 Feb 1817 Amherst Kimball executed a document settling a lawsuit with Aaron and Elisha Logee5. The document indicated that Amherst Kimball would pay claims of "Chepachet Manufacturing Co. against Elisha and matters with Duty Salisbury, Duty Smith and Jesse Tourttellot" and pay a  penal sum of $10,000. It further detailed a separation agreement between Elisha and his wife, Jerusha. The document stated in part: "to settle differences in lawsuit Amherst agrees to be responsible for separate home of Jerusha Logee and her daughters Alvina and Susanna and for a child to be born [James K. Logee].  Family tradition confirmed that Elisha and Jerusha had a troubled marriage6. In spite of the above agreement, Elisha and Jerusha did not stay separated.  At least 2 and possibly 3 more children were born to Elisha and Jerusha after 1817. The lawsuit may explain two land transactions involving Elisha. On 18 Nov 1816 Elisha sold his home for $210 to Marvin Brown, his brother-in-law7. On 7 Jan 1818 Aaron Logee gave the same property back to Elisha which included a dwelling house8.

Elisha suffered from some type of affliction which prevented him from caring for himself. Following the death of Aaron Logee in 1819, Elisha's condition became public record. On 17 Jun 1819  in Burrillville, Enoch Thayer appointed as Elisha's guardian because: "he is unable to take care of his own affairs.9" Though his guardians changed over the years, his guardianship remained in effect throughout his life10. In 1829 Enoch Thayer was replaced by Randall Angeell and in 1831 he was replaced by Jesse Harris.

On 23 Jul 1836 Elisha executed his will11. He divided his land and goods between his sons: James, Lorenzo and Fenner Logee. To each of his three daughters: Alvina Chilson w/o Imory Chilson, Susannah Daggett w/o Cyrel Daggett, and Ruth Logee he left on Dollar each. He made no mention of his wife, Jerusha, in his will. He nominated Lorenzo Logee as his executrix. The will was witnessed by Hiram, John and Chancey Salisbury. His will was probated on 27 Apr 1839. A note in a Burrillville journal indicated that Elisha had been found dead in bed in his home on Eagle Peak on Apr 183812. By the time of his death most of his estate had been exhausted. the years of guardianship had left the value of his estate at only $75.3513. His small farm did remain and was divided between his sons14. Though the grave site for Elisha cannot be proven, there is a small burial site on Eagle Peak Rd15. Only one tombstone was later transcribed which was for his brother Washington Logee. It is probable that Elisha is also buried there.

Following Elisha's death, Jerusha married Reuben Smith16. The 1850 census listed them as residing in Burrillville17. Reuben's occupation was given as shoemaker. In their household were Lorenzo Logee age 21, Harriet Chilson age 19, and Georgianna Daget age 2mos. Reuben was born about 178618. He had a prior marriage to Martha (Unknown)19. Martha died 31 Jul 1819. A daughter, Lucetta, from this first marriage eventually married Henry Pollock s/o Henry and Lydia (Logee) Pollock. On 10 Jan 1855, Jerusha sold 14 acres, "the Wolfhill lot," in Burrillville to her son Lorenzo Logee of Danielsonville, Conn.20

Reuben Smith died 1 Mar 1869 at the age of 83 years21. He was buried on Acotes Hill in Chepachet Cemetery, Glocester, R.I. with his first wife. A large obelisk marks the grave site and includes the following inscriptions: Side 1:  Henry Pollock died Dec 10, 1899 aged 81 yrs & 2 mos; Lucetta his wife died Aug 14, 1881 aged 66 yrs 6 mos & 14 days -- Side 2: Our Fathers & Mothers Dr Henry Pollock Died July 20, 1869 in the 69th year of his age; Lydia died May 3, 1846 in the 60th year of her age; Reuben Smith died Mar 1, 1869 aged 82 yrs 5 mos & 11 days; Martha died July 31, 1819 aged 25 yrs 2 mos -- Side 3: Children of Henry & Lucetta Pollock; Solon died Dec ??, 1842 aged 5 mos 21 days; Thomas E. died July 17, 1846 aged 11 mos 18 days; Caroline M. died Nov 15, 1895 aged 52 yrs 8 mos & 22 days - Nothing on Side 4.

On 20 Aug 1869 Jerusha executed her will22. She left a bequest "to son Lorenzo her house and barn where she now lives, the cow and wood to be divided equally between James and Lorenzo. To Susan w.o Elisha Dagett black crepe shawl, to dau. Ruth Daggett w/o Sullivan Daggett, Tibet Black Shawl, her bed and bedding. Susan and Ruth are to share remaining furniture."

On 9 Feb 1873 Jerusha died of "old age" in North Providence, Rhode Island23. According to family tradition she was in Pawtucket visiting her nephew Horace Kimball24. She was also buried on Acotes Hill in Chepachet Cemetery. She was laid to rest by her parents about 30 yards from the grave site of Reuben Smith25. Her tombstone was inscribed: Jerusha Smith d/o Amherst & Jerusha Kimball born Nov 5, 1787 d. 1872 age 85 yrs.

Acotes Hill, Chepachet Cemetery, Chepachet, Glocester, Rhode Island
See Lydia (Logee) Pollock page for tombstone of Rheuben Smith
See Washington Logee page for picture of probable burial site of Elisha Logee


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