The origin of the Logee family has not been discovered. At this point the  first ancestor found is Philip or Phillip "Losier" of Salem in the Massachusetts Bay Colony in 1675. He married Mary Snasher who's ancestry is also unknown. There has been a strong family tradition in at least two major branches of the family that the Logee family was Huguenot (French Protestant). The branches which carried this tradition were not in contact with each other for over 150 years. However, this tradition has not been proven or disproven.

Based on early records the Logee name did not begin with the current spelling. The earliest records had Losier, Lozier and Loga. Since most spelling in this time was phonetic, the early pronunciation of the name was probably different than today. The Logee family does not appear to be related to the more common Logie surname which is normally British or Irish. This researcher has only found a few instances where a Logee used the Logie spelling and then not consistently. During several years of research it has become apparent that most people with the Logee surname are descended from the single ancestor Philip. One surname which has not yet been researched but has an intriguing spelling is Lozier. This surname may or may not be related but it is mentioned here because of the similar phonetic sound to the earliest Logee spelling.

The Logee line which has been researched to this point descended from Philip's son Abraham (usually using the surname spelling of Loge) who moved from Salem and later settled in Smithfield, Rhode Island. Most Logee descendants remained for several generations in Rhode Island. The majority of those settled in the Northwest corner of Glocester by the border of Connecticut and Massachusetts which in 1806 would become Burrillville. In those early years Logee family members not residing in Burrillville, Rhode Island were often found in Douglas, Massachusetts and Thompson, Connecticut which were easily accessible from the Burrillville area.

In the 1800s a few Logee descendants began moving West. These families migrated to Ohio, New York, Minnesota, and Illinois and Missouri. However most Logee family members remained in New England and the largest concentration of people with the Logee surname are still there.

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