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1. (??) Mellinger
Died: Before 1849 (Based on will of his widow Barbara Bott)
Married: Barbara Bott (Based on will of Barbara (Bott) Mellinger)
Died: Between 24 Aug 1849 and 8 Dec 1849 (Execution and Proof of Will)


1. Christian Mellinger (listed as oldest son in Barbara Mellinger will)
2. Elizabeth Mellinger (listed in Barbara Mellinger will)
3. Joseph Mellinger (listed as minor in Barbara Mellinger will)
4. Barbara Mellinger (listed in Barbara Mellinger will)

Other Information:

Barbara Mellinger will (Will Bk U-1-812 Lancaster Co, Penn) Barbara Mellinger of Washington Borough, Lancaster Co, Penn. Executed 24 Aug 1849 and Proved 8 Dec 1849.
Bequests to:
1. Dau, Elizabeth (for taking care of her in sickness) extra bed in lower story, Bed clothing
2. Dau, Elizabeth and Barabara: my wearing apparel
3. sell property but rent till son Joseph gits of age
4. Oldest son, Christian, can purchase property based on appraisal
5. to children of my brother, Joseph Bott.