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1. (??) Mellinger
Died: Prior to 1777 (Based on widow, Magdelena Mellinger will)
Married: Magdelena (?) - Lived in Cocalico twp, Lancaster Co, Penn
Died: Between 13 Oct 1784 and 15 Dec 1784 (execution and proof of will)


2. John Jacob Mellinger died 1777 (based on his Intestate record). Lived Cocalico twp.

Other Information:

Magdelena Mellinger will (Will Bk Y-2-445 Lancaster Co, Penn) Executed 13 Oct 1784 and Proved 15 Dec 1784. Lived in Cocalico twp.
Witnesses: Jacob Mohler and George Meislle
Bequests to:
1. to 2 youngest children of my son John by Susanna and Anna before 3 pounds gold/silver
2. Rest divided among 4 children of my son John Jacob -viz. Magdelena, Elizabeth, Susanna, Anna
3. to Barbara Mohler my Blankt and Striped Boat for her  services in my sickness
-- Friends and Brethren - Michale Frantz and Peter Rayer, Executors


2. John Jacob Mellinger
Died: Abt 23 Aug 1777 (date of Bond for Intestate Record)
Married: 1st Anna (?); 2nd Susanna (?) who died after 1784

Children of John Jacob Mellinger and wife, Anna:

3. Magdelena Mellinger married John Breneisen (possibly Brennemen) abt 1784 (Information from Intestate record of Jacob Mellinger)
4. Elizabeth Mellinger

Children of John Jacob Mellinger and wife, Susanna:

5. Susanna Mellinger married John Porter abt 1784  (Information from Intestate record of Jacob Mellinger)
6. Anna Mellinger

Other Information:

Jacob Mellinger - Intestate Record - Bond Bk 3-56 Lancaster Co, Penn. dated 23 Aug 1777 - Orphan's Court Records Bk 1770-1782 pg 236, 243; Bk 1782-1784 pgs 150, 21, 339; Bk 1784-1787 pgs 209, 217, 223, 224, 275
Listed occupation of Jacob as Blacksmith, resided in Cocalico twp. Listed widow as Susanna. Listed children as  Magdelena Mellinger with guardian Daniel Bowman; Elizabeth Mellinger, Susanna Mellinger, and Anna Mellinger with guardian Jacob Keller. Listed marriages of Magdelena to John Breneisen (or Brenneman) abt 1784 and Susanna Mellinger to John Porter abt 1784. Mentioned 25 Acres of land in Cocalico twp. Administration given to Susannah Mellinger and Jacob Mohler. -- Also, disbursements listed to William Mellinger and John Mellinger. Inventory included Smith's Tools.[Could this distribution mean that this Jacob or Joseph s/o Christopher had brothers, William and John who also had given oath for American Revolution??]